M.Phil – Courses

M.Phil – Courses

Compulsory Courses

DS – 601 Research Methodology

Philosophy of social sciences, alternative conceptions in social sciences, historicism, conventionalism, behavioralism, realism, empiricism and positivism. Alternative methods of academic inquiry, observation, explanation and interpretation, issues in academic inquiry, objectivity, values, ethics, and biases. Methodology, transformation of theoretical question into research question and preparation of research design. Techniques of data collection, simulation, database searches and documentation techniques, preparation of research proposal and writing of paper.

DS – 602 Theory & Dimensions of Contemporary Strategy

Evolution and development of contemporary strategy; dimensions and theories of contemporary strategy, strategic planning and policy formulation.

DS – 603 Security and Conflict Analysis

Definitional aspects, concepts and theories of conflict and level of conflict analysis; linkage between conflict and security, contending conceptions of security, policy making processes and decision making.

DS – 613 Seminar on Strategic Policies of Great Powers

This seminar will address important contemporary defence and international security issues vis a vis the Great Powers. The impact of these policies on the global and regional security environment.

Compulsory Courses

DS – 614 Comparative Strategic Policies

Comparative perspectives on strategic policies of major and small powers, strategic policies and doctrinal aspects; technology and development levels, linkages and case studies etc.

DS – 615 Evolution & Development of Nuclear Strategy

Emergence and growth of various nuclear power states, evolution and development of nuclear doctrine/ theories, development of nuclear weapons and technology, arms control and nuclear strategy.

DS – 616 Technology and Defence Policy

Historical context, impacts of industrial revolution on military technology, mechanization, mobility and firepower, military technology and warfare on land, air and sea. Technology and logistics, impacts of nuclear technology on defence policy making and technological developments, and future of arms control.

DS – 617 Economics of Defence

Defence ad an economic problem, budgeting for defence, defence decision making, military industrial complex, economic theory of alliances, economic aspects of arms production and procurement.

DS – 618 Dynamics of Conflict Resolution

Conflict studies, Conflict Escalation and Conflict Dynamics. Frameworks for conflict resolution, negotiations, mediation, arbitration and preventive diplomacy, confidence building measures, conflict resolution under international pressure. The course focuses on measures that may be taken by international actors, individual states, and NGOs to prevent the outbreak or reoccurrence of violence in inter and intra state disputes and conflicts.

DS – 619 Civil Military Relations

Civil military relations as a field of study, basic concepts on civil military relations, military and the state, military and society, military as a vehicle of social integration, military as a modernizing force, military as a vehicle for economic development. The praetorian system etc.

DS – 620 Peace Research: Theory & Practice

Peace as an alternative paradigm for the study of international society, historical analysis of peace movements in industrial societies, genesis, evolution and development of Peace studies, instruments of peace mediation, negotiation peace keeping, and peace-making.

DS – 621 Conflict & Cooperation in South Asia

Regional dynamics of South Asia; interstate issues and disputes, centrality of Indo-Pak conflict, strategic balance in South Asia, Small States role in the region, Areas of cooperation and competition, confidence building measures, prospects for peace and cooperation.

DS – 622 Conflict & Cooperation in West Asia

Historical overview, dynamics of theological under currents, Arab Israel conflicts, Intra Arab rivalry, Gulf wars, Arab League, OPEC, GCC, Islamic revival/ resurgence, peace proposals, nuclear factor and weapons of mass destruction. Course will consider contemporary issues that shape the Middle East.

DS – 623 Conflict & Cooperation in Central Asia

Historical perspective, Central Asia under the former Soviet occupation, changing geopolitical landscape in Central Asia, Ethnicity in Central Asia, Dynamics of Muslim resurgence, Central Asia and Russia, Central Asia and extra regional powers, prospects of cooperation in central Asia

DS – 650 M.Phil Dissertation