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CAMP Roundtable On Obama's Afghan Policy: Impact On FATA



    The Community Appraisal and Motivation Program, CAMP joined hands with the DSS Department, QAU, Islamabad to hold a round-table discussion on Obama's Afghan Policy Impact on FATA, on the 22nd of February, 2011 in order to:

    • Reflect on questions concerning Obama's Afghanistan Policy which deserve special attention.
    • To review challenges and opportunities, Obama's Afghanistan policy carries; for the Government and the people of Pakistan with special focus on FATA.

    The round table discussion was thematically sub divided into three sessions namely;

    • Obama's Afghan policy: looking ahead
    • Obama's Afghan policy: impact on FATA, and lastly
    • Obama's Afghan Policy and future of war on terror.

    The roundtable was the first amongst a series of intensive deliberations the two oragnisations plan carrying out on FATA. The lead discussants consisted of Dr. Syed Rifaat Hussain, Ms. Andlib Hussaini, Lecturer, DSS Department, Ms. Simbal Adnan Khan, Director Central Asia & Eurasia, Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad, Brig. (Retd) Saad Muhammad, independent security analyst, based in Peshawar, Dr. Ilhan Niaz, Assistant Professor, Department of History, QAU, Dr. Maqsood ul Hasan Nuri, Acting President, Islamabad Policy Research Institute and Mr. Naveed Ahmed Shinwari, CEO CAMP. The roundtable was attended by a large community of students from QAU & NUML, SCOs, media personnel, participants from leading think tanks as well as foreign delegates.


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