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DSS-CRSS one day seminar on Pakistan's Relations with SCOin the light of forthcoming presidential visit to the region may 04, 2011.



    In anticipation of the forthcoming Presidential visit to Russia, the DSS department joined hands with Center for Research & Security Studies (CRSS) Islamabad for a day-long seminar on Pakistan's Relations with SCO" the seminar was thematically split into two working sessions, the first looking at developments in the 1990's i.e. post Soviet withdrawal, and second at Pakistan's relations with SCO and challenges and impediments. Eminent speakers such as Amb Tariq Fatemi, Senator Marvi Memon, Prof Khalid Rehman, Dr Rifaat Hussain, Dr. Maqsood Nuri, Dr. Muhammad Islam, Mr. Fazal ur Rehman spoke at the occasion, where as ambassadors' Riaz M Khan and Arif Ayub were session chairs respectively.

    The speakers hoped that the President will be able to open a new chapter with Russia in his forthcoming visit to Moscow. As Zulfiqar Bhutto after taking over in one of the first decisions expressed his desire to visit Moscow within eight weeks to demonstrate to Kremlin that he is willing to move ahead and he succeeded. They said that we must demonstrate to Russians that we have no interest in developments in Afghanistan and will not create problems and disturbances against India or Central Asia. Russia is going to be a bigger country and Pakistan in no case should ignore Moscow and stop acting as a satrap of Washington. they further said that the initial aim of US was to capture Osama, defeat Al-Qaida and defeat Taliban were extended to economic development and political improvement. A complete withdrawal of foreign troops can only ensure a stable and sustainable peace in Afghanistan. With regards foreign policy making, it is neither being directed by the Foreign Ministry nor the Parliament. Pakistani people should put pressure on forces that matter in decision-making to come out of a state of denial and make the paradigm shift. They further said that Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) as a successor of Shanghai Five created in 1996 has been an effective platform for resolving border disputes between China, Russia and three CA Republics bordering China. Being a facilitating framework, the SCO can help Pakistan in improving relations with its members.


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