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Dissemination seminar on introduction to International Humanitarian Law. April 27th, 2011.



    The International Committee of Red Cross, Pakistan held a dissemination seminar for the students and faculty of DSS department on April 27th, 2011 on Introduction to International Humanitarian Law and the functioning of ICRC. Ms. Sannia Abdullah, Lecturer DSS conducted the proceedings. Mr. Najam-ul-Saqib Iqbal, Communication Officer ICRC, traced the genesis of organisation and further said that the ICRC is a purely neutral setup having international recognition. He said that more than 90 per cent funding comes from public sources including countries state parties to it depending upon their capacities. He said ICRC refuses any conditional donation. Answering a question on Swat operation, he said that ICRC tries to provide assistance to victims without supporting any party. He said civilians are equally vulnerable. He said that our principle of impartiality to help all injured in our hospitals without asking their affiliation.

    Michael O Brien, Communication Coordinator, ICRC said that our concern is to provide medical assistance to the injured in armed conflict and does not concern with who is at wrong or if one is a criminal. ICRC follows IHL but it is not our duty to enforce it. He said that even wars have limits and IHL protects those who do not, or no longer, take part in hostilities. He said that IHL is applicable during armed conflict and all parties are bound to respect IHL. He said that ICRC is mandated to be active in conflict situations and has a right of initiative to be present in situations of armed violence. & conduct humanitarian and impartial relief actions without any distinction shall be undertaken.

    Dr Rifaat Hussain, Chairperson of the Department, said that issues raised by IHL especially in protecting innocent people in conflict situations when state is taking action are very critical. He said that in global war on terror, NATO attacks in Libya especially raids on the residence of President Qaddafi and the treatment being meted out to inmates of Guantanamo Bay, gross violation of international humanitarian law are being committed.


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