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DSS – ISSI – SASSI Joint Conference on “Pakistan & the Emerging Nuclear Order” in Collaboration with Carnegie Endowment & Stimson Center, DC.


    Two day joint International conference between on the theme Pakistan & the Emerging Nuclear Order, was hosted by DSS Department in collaboration with the Institute of Strategic studies, Islamabad, (ISSI), South Asia Strategic Stability Institute, (SASSI) and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) & Henry L Stimson Center, Washington DC on June 10-11, 2010. The conference venue was the ISSI.

    The conference brought together a selection of experts and scholars on the subject, with each participating organization bringing together its team of session chairs, experts and young scholars in the various panels. Ambassador (Retd) Ashraf Jahangir Qazi was the keynote speaker, who highlighted the key strategic developments, and the politics surrounding the aspirations of a global and comprehensive disarmament and the quest for global zero. The conference comprised of four working sessions, namely “global trends and global zero,” “nuclear issues and US Pakistan relations,” “regional nuclear issue,” and lastly the futuristic “outlook for the future. Where do we go from here?” the conference conclude over a session led jointly by all the session chairs, where the deliberations and key findings of the two days were highlighted and discussed.

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