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NPS Seminar on "Issues of Strategic Stability in South Asia", Wednesday, Decemeber 21, 2011.


    The DSS department hosted a one day seminar on “Issues of Strategic Stability in South Asia,” on Wednesday December 21st, 2011 at its premises. The speakers comprised of Syed Rifaat Hussain, chair DSS Department, Feroz Hasan Khan and S Paul Kapoor, both faculty Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey California.

    The speakers while discussing the issue said that there exists a great deal of sensitivity within Pakistan regarding the conventional military imbalance which has risen owing to India, according to Paul Kapoor, this asymmetry does not tantamount to an existential threat and Pakistan should try to divert its resources in development and not defence. Stability – instability paradox is often a misnomer, in true sense both India and Pakistan should strengthen their strategic relations so to reduce the risk of active conflict. The Kargil war happened not because of nuclear weapons, but despite them and introduction of doctrines such as cold start, tactical nuclear weapons and missile defence shields are a contributing factor to the rising instability between the two nuclear neighbors. Pakistan should also keep in mind that a sizeable amount of Indian military buildup is China-centric and not directed against Islamabad. The seminar concluded over a Q&A session.


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