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Distinguished Lecture by Mani Shankar Aiyar, Member Rajya Sabha India, Friday February 3rd, 2012.


    Mr Mani Shankar Aiyar, who is a member Indian Rajya Sabha and has a distinguished career in the External Affairs Ministry of India, was hosted by the DSS Department for a distinguished guest lecture on Friday 3rd February 2012, where he spoke on “Prospects of India – Pakistan Cooperation in Global Nuclear Disarmament.” He was in Pakistan as a guest of the Islamabad based, Jinnah Institute.

    In his presentation Mr Aiyar stressed upon the complimentary approach and interests of India and Pakistan at global non-proliferation and disarmament fora and keeping these mutual interests in mind, both these “states with nuclear Weapons” could work together towards a world without nuclear weapons, seeking universal and not unilateral disarmament. This multilateral dimension must be included in the bilateral CBMs process. He further talked about the deadlock at the Conference on Disarmament owing to Pakistan’s stance on Fissile Material treaty. The CD works on a consensus basis, and Pakistan is duly justified to look after its interests and voice concern over the negotiations and unequal treatment meted out. Since Obama’s Prague initiative, positive developments with regards nuclear disarmament have been a foot, with both nuclear weapons’ states as well as non-nuclear weapons state supporting the cause, along with civil society and non-governmental organizations, activists and disarmament support groups campaigning for GCD. He further talked about the Rajiv Gandhi Action Plan. During the interaction session questions regarding India’s military posturing, its offensive strategic doctrines such as the cold start as well as ambitious military expansion and modernization were raised, India’s likely support of Pakistan’s quest for a nuclear energy deal keeping in mind the dire energy situation were raised by the participants.


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