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Roundtable discussion on prospects for No-War pact between India and Pakistan. May 02, 2011.



    The Forum for International Relations Development, a UK-based think tank, held a roundtable discussion on the prospects of a No War Pact between India and Pakistan. Mr. Taha Qureshi, the head of the forum was accompanied by Dr. Arif Malik and other members of the delegation. He also raised the idea of reduction in defence budgets of the two countries at least by 1% for normaliaation of relations between the two countries. He said that the money thus saved could be spent on health, education and eradication of hunger. The FIRD is working with the South Asian community both in UK and outside through meetings with the academia, intellectuals and politicians as well as grassroots level stake holders to gather their opinion as well as share its message.

    The roundtable discussion had faculty and students of PhD, MPhil and MSc of the department, and was moderated by Salma Malik, Assistant Professor at the department. Questions and discussion primarily centered on the feasibility and response from India with regards a possible no war pact, as well as how much receptive have been the south Asian Diaspora to this proposal. Further questions were raised with regards Kashmir issue as the root of friction between the two neighbors and the dire need to settle this intractable protracted conflict. The discussants also touched upon the issues of perception and image building, and what measures have been taken by the Forum for counter-radicalization and rehabilitation of affected populations.


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