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Workshop on Strategic Stability, Escalation Control, Nuclear CBMs & India-Pakistan Peace Pocess



    The DSS department in collaboration with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington DC held a two day Workshop on Strategic Stability, Escalation Control, Nuclear CBMs & India-Pakistan Peace Process on February 03-04, 2011 at the DSS department. The workshop primarily was a forum to allow the young strategists to view their opinion on critical issues of south asian strategic stability, possibilities of a viable nuclear risk reduction and confidence building regime as well as measures to ensure escalation control. The conference was opened by a key note address on Strategic stbility Issues on South Asia by the former foreign secretary of Pakistan, Riaz Hussain Khokhar. Participants from the university, leading think tanks, strategic organisations as well as panelists from the US, such as Michael Krepon, professor emiritus Henry l Stimson Center, Feroz Hasan Khan from Naval Post Graduate College, Monterey USA, Toby Dalton and George Perkovich, vice president, Carnegie Endowment for Intetrnational Peace attended the conference.

    The workshop deliberations spanned over two days, with the panels consisting of stategic stanility revisited, nuclear postures and escalation control, ballistic missile defence and lastly nuclear CBMs and India pakistan peace process, alongwith a special session on Emerging threats to Strategic Stability in South Asia: A Pakistani Perspective.


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