About Us

The Department of Defence & Strategic Studies (DSS) was established in September 1980, with the dual aim of sponsoring academic studies in the field of strategic studies and promoting a culture of research amongst a mix of military and civilian students who will be trained in critical discourse development and policy analysis. Since its founding, the DSS has made a significant contribution in the development of a community of experts equipped with requisite academic knowledge and analytical ability to evaluate national, regional and international strategic environment, policies and security dynamics.

Over the years, the Department has awarded M.Sc. degrees to more than 1000 civilians and around 150 officers of the Armed forces. The graduates have produced more than 80 well researched and original M.Sc. theses and over 900 Seminar Papers……. more >>


Upcoming Events

Feb 19
Ultimate University Conference
Auditorium Lagoon 08:00AM/PM to 15:00AM/PM
May 19
Building Blocks – York’s Pension Plan
Main Theater 15:00PM to 19:00PM
Dec 19
Nelson Mandela Memorial Tribute
Cramton Auditorium 08:00AM to 12:00AM

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