M.Sc – Researches

M.Sc – Researches

117Weaponization of Artificial intelligence and National Security.Syed Faizan Ali NaqviDr. Salma Malik2020
116Margenalisation of Women in High Politics of PakistanLaiba Zia LodhiDr. Salma Malik2019
115Kashmir Conflict: in The Collective Imagination of The People of PakistanSidra UmerDr. Salma Malik2019
114India’s Hybrid Warfare in South Asia: Challenges and Options for PakistanAbdul QaderDr. Muhammad Sadiq2019
113Geo-Strategic Significance of CPEC: Prospects and Challenges in Context of BalochistanSaddam ShahDr. Naveed Qaisar2019
112Under the Nuclear Overhang: Understanding the Changing Dynamics of Crisis Escalation Between India and PakistanMohammad Uzair ZiaMs. Sadia Tasleem2019
111Legality of Limited Use of Force in International Law: A case study of Syrian Civil War, Chemical Weapons and InterventionSyed Hasnat Haider NaqviDr. Muhammad Sadiq2019
110The Use of Cryptocurrency in Terrorism-Financing and Money LaunderingSalman Ali IbrahimDr. Salma Malik2019
109Gender and DisarmamentAmna LatifMs. Sadia Tasleem2019
108Network Centric Warfare: Effects On Military Operations.Tofeeq AhmadDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2018
107Trump’s South Asia Policy and Implications On Pakistan Afghanistan Relations: Myra SaqibDr. Salma Malik2018
106Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Military ConflictSophia RehmanMs. Sadia Tasleem2018
105Maritime Security Challenges for Pakistan in The Wake of CPEC and Indian Naval Build-UpMuhammad Omar Qureshi Dr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2017
104Role of Electronic Media and Portrayal of Pakistan's Relation with IndiaSania BaigMs. Sadia Tasleem2016
103Preemptive Self-Defence: US Action Against Iraq 2003Adil SajidDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2016
102Ascent of The Islamic State: A Case Study of Past Saddam Hussain IraqSyed Bilal Ahmed ShahDr. Saira Aquil2016
101Pakistan’s Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Strategic Dilemma or AdvantageBakhtiar AliDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2016
100Nuclear Factor in Pak-US Relations Faiza ZahraMs. Sadia Tasleem2016
99Geo-Political Significance of Gwadar Port: Challenges in The Way of SuccessNisar Ahmed Khan Ms. Sadia Tasleem 2016
98Transformation in Kashmir Resistance MovementSabigha Arshad BazmiDr. Salma Malik2016
97Counterinsurgency Strategy of Pakistan in FATA and SwatBakht NoorDr. Naveed Qaisar2016
96Employment of Airpower in Counterinsurgency OperationsAhmad AmmarDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2016
95Cyber Security: An Essential Component of National Security of PakistanAhyousha KhanDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2016
94Role of Indian Nuclear Submarine in Attaining Assured Second-Strike Capability and Its Implication in Indo-Pak ContextRashid Nazir ChoudharyDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2016
93Modi’s Vikas: Transforming India – Vision or IllusionMohsin NaseemDr. Salma Malik2015
92ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham) Origin, Rise, and IdeologyGhulam Ali MurtazaDr. Salma Malik2015
91Indian Air Defence Capabilities: An AnalysisAtique AhmedDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2015
90Indian Naval Expansion: Implications for PakistanAli HamzaDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2015
89Use of Drones and International LawZumra Nawaz CheemaDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2015
88Balochistan Issue: History and Human Rights Violations as Conflict DiversChaudhary Muhammad UsmanDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2015
87Regional Peace Through Indo-Pak Economic CooperationDilawar KhanDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2015
86Geopolitical Significance Gilgit-BaltistanNafees AhmedDr. Salma Malik2015
85Drone Strikes in Pakistan Illegality Under International Law and Impact on Pak-US RelationsMuhammad BilalDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2015
84Operation Zarb-Azb: An AnalysisNaveed MushtaqDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2015
83Literature of Resistance and Socio-Political Change in PakistanHunain MehdiMs. Sadia Tasleem2015
82On Cyber Security: A Case-Study of PakistanWaheed IqbalDr. Maqsood Ul Hasan Nuri2014
81Political Crisis in Egypt and Prospects for DemocracyZaigham AbbasDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2014
80War on Terror and Its Implication for PakistanMuhammad Sarmad ZiaDr. Shabana Fayyaz2014
79Political Crisis in Egypt and Prospects for DemocracyZaighum AbbasDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2014
78Nuclear Lexicon and Deterrence Stability in South-AsiaHajira Asaf KhanMs. Sadia Tasleem2014
77Insurgency in Swati State's ResponseAmal KhanDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2014
76Indian ABM Potential and Pakistan's CountermeasuresKashif RazaDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2014
75Anti-Nuclear Weapons Peace Movements in PakistanTaimoor AbbasiMs. Sadia Tasleem2014
74Security of Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenals: Facing the ChallengesMuhammad AliMr. Rasheed Khalid2014
73Nuclear Deterrence Stability in South AsiaAamer AbbasDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2014
72Domestic & External Sources of Terrorism A Case Study of Syrian Conflict Post 9/11Mahwish ZahraDr. Shabana Fayyaz2014
71Indian Cold Start Strategy Implications for South Asian StabilityTahir SaeedDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2014
70US Counterterrorism Strategy Under President Obama: A Case Study of Pakistan's North and South WaziristanAmna KhanDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2014
69Conspiracy Theories and Security Threats A Case Study of Pakistan: Perceptions About the United States of AmericaJawad Ali KhanMs. Sadia Tasleem2013
68Afghanistan and The New Great GameMunir Qadir KhanDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2013
67Information Age: Challenges and Opportunities for PakistanSeemab Ahmed AbbasiMr. Jamil Raza2012
66Nuclear Non-Proliferation Trends: History & AnalysisSyed Imran- Ul- HassanDr. Muhammad Sadiq2012
65BMD Options for South Asia: An AnalysisAsim AhmedDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2012
64Growing Insecurity in South Asia Since 9/11: The US FactorAmer WahidDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2012
63FMCT and its Implications for PakistanSyed Adnan Athar BukhariDr. Syed Rifaat Hussain2011
62Global Nuclear Zero: A Case Study of India and PakistanAsad RasoolMr. Rasheed Khalid2011
61Indo-China Rivalry in The Indian Ocean: Challenges and Options for PakistanM. Ramzan AsifDr. Muhammad Sadiq2011
60Aspects of Cyber Warfare: Implications for National SecurityMuhammad AliMr. Rasheed Khalid2011
59Religion as A Factor in The National Security of PakistanAsif ManzoorDr. Syed Rifaat Hussain2011
58Globalization: A Blessing or Curse: An Appraisal of The Impact of Globalization on Pakistan's Defense and Foreign Policy After 9/11Sidra MalikDr. Syed Rifaat Hussain2011
57India and Central Asia: interests and influence of A Rising PowerAsim RasoolMr. Rasheed Khalid2011
56Arms Control and Strategic Stability in South AsiaUsman GhaniDr. Zafar Iqbal Cheema2009
55Sino-Russian Convergence: Implications for PakistanAzfar Bilal QureshiDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2009
54US Worldwide Bombs: Operability and Consequences For international Strategic Environment (Case Study India-Pakistan)Shahid Iqbal MalikDr. Zafar Iqbal Cheema2009
53Indo-US Nuclear Deal: Objectives, Issues & Implications for PakistanHaleema SaadiaMr. Rasheed Khalid2007
52Nuclear Terrorism and Global Concerns About Pakistani Nuclear Weapons (A Pakistani Perspective)Nadeem Ahmed MajeedDr. Salma Malik2007
51Iran's Nuclear ProgramSaira AbbasiCommittee2007
50Kashmir Imbroglio: Quest for SolutionsAbdul Rehman ArifMr. Jamil Raza2006
49Indian Naval Aspirations Challenges & Implications For Security of Indian Ocean LittoralsMuhammad AhsanMr. Rasheed Khalid2006
48Indian Nuclear Doctrine: An AnalysisEdgar FelixDr. Zafar Iqbal Cheema2006
47Deterrence Stability in South AsiaIrum AbbasiDr. Zafar Iqbal Cheema2006
46Palestine: From A Political Issue to StatehoodMaria SyedDr. Nazir Hussain2006
45Deterrence Stability in South AsiaFawad ZahirMs. Saira Yamin2006
44Arms Control Regime in South AsiaAdil SultanDr. Salma Malik2005
43Deterrence Stability in South AsiaBismah MasoodMs. Saira Yamin2005
42Pakistan, Afghanistan & Central Asian Security: Geo-Strategic & Economic ChallengesWaqar AhmadDr. Salma Malik2005
41Prospects for Peace in South Asia: India and Pakistan Relations from Enmity to AmityHuma NaqviDr. Salma Malik2005
40Pakistan's Maritime Strategy: Imperatives, Challenges and ResponseSyed Mohammad KhalidDr. Syed Rifaat Hussain2005
39Terrorism: Muslim and American Perspective in Context of War Against TerrorismQazi Hussain AsgharMr. Jamil Raza2005
38Geo- Economic Significance of Central AsiaAsma Shakir KhawajaDr. Noman Sattar2004
37Conflict Resolution - Kashmir Changing Trends After 1990Ali Athar WaziriMr. Rasheed Khalid2004
36Dynamics of Muslim Demography and Its Implications for IndiaMuhammad Ahsin Sahi Dr. Salma Malik2004
35Terrorism in The New Millennium: A Case Study of Al-QaedaNaeem HaiderMs. Saira Basim2003
34Information-Based Revolution in Military Affairs A Case Study of Second Gulf WarShafaq AqilDr. Syed Rifaat Hussain2002
33Caspian Sea Region: A New Hydrocarbon World Source Economic Cooperation or Great Powers' RivalryAnsar JamilDr. Nazir Hussain2002
32The Afghan Imbroglio Implications For Pakistan's SecuritySyed Tahir Raza NaqviDr. Syed Rifaat Hussain2001
31The Dynamics of American Policies in Central AsiaMustafa NawazMr. Rasheed Khalid2001
30Changing Role of NATO in Post-Cold War EraMuhammad KarimCommittee2001
29Oil Politics in Caspian Region-An AnalysisSyed Irtaza Abbas NaqviMr. Rasheed Khalid2001
28The Defence Policy of Hazrat Mohammed (SAW)Ijaz AhmedDr. Syed Rifaat Hussain2000
27Critical Analysis of Kargil CrisisAfshan NoreenDr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza2000
26Dangers of Indian Political UnityZia-Ul- Haque ShamsiDr. Zafar Iqbal Cheema1998
25Significance of Kautilya in Strategic Thought with Special Reference to IndiaSamson Simon SharafDr. Zafar Iqbal Cheema1997
24Indian Human Rights Violations in KashmirIftikhar uddin HassanLt. Col. Naeem A Salik1996
23Control of Proliferation of Chemical Weapons in The Developing WorldMuhammad Khalid BanuriLt. Col. Naeem A Salik1996
22Repercussions of Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Programme On DevelopmentFarah ZahraLt. Col. Naeem A. Salik1996
21Internal Dimension of Security A Case Study of Pakistan Since 1985Aqeel Ahmad SiddiqueMr. Jamil Raza1995
20A Comparative Study of Civil - Military Relations in India and Pakistan: The Early Years: 1947-58Laila ZaidiDr. Shirin M Mazari1993
19Bangladesh Crisis and The Role of United StatesAamir Nazir GondalDr. Shirin M Mazari1992
18Dilemmas of Military withdrawal From Politics: A Case Study of Pakistan in Transition from The Zia RuleNajum MushtaqDr. Shirin M Mazari1992
17Pakistan-United States Dependency RelationsFoqia SadiqDr. Shirin M Mazari1992
16Aid and Alliance Politics: A Case Study of U.S. Foreign Aid to Pakistan (1954-1965)Adil AkbarDr. Shirin M Mazari1992
15Alliance Relationship A Case Study of Pakistan American Military Aliance 1954-1971Shehla Bano1991
14Military System of PakistanSultan AhmedDr. Shirin M Mazari1991
13Pak-Soviet Foreign Relations in Ayub Khan's Era (1958-1969)Muhammad AshfaqDr. Shirin M Mazari1990
12Soviet Strategic Interest in AfghanistanSayma Akhtar1990
11Indian Foreign in Policy Post Nehru Era (1964-1974)Khalid M. AkhtarDr. Shirin M Mazari1990
10INF Treaty and Aftermath on the NATO AllianceZareen AmjadDr. Shirin M Mazari1989
9The Gramscian Concept of Hegemony and The Law of The Sea RegimeKhalid Ahmad KahloonDr. Shirin M Mazari1988
8Defence Problems of PakistanSardar Azhar AbbasiProfessor Mohammad Akbar1986
7Foreign Aid A Trap or A Blessing: A Case Study of US-Pakistan RelationshipNabila YaqubProfessor Mohammad Akbar1986
6US Strategic Interest in PakistanAzra ShehzadProfessor Syed Abdul Basit1985
5Afghanistan Crisis and Its Implications for PakistanSamina NoorProfessor Syed Abdul Basit1984
4The Strategic Balance in South AsiaMohammad YounusDr. M.Zafar Iqbal Cheema1984
3Strategic Balance in South AsiaRana Kamal ud Din1984
2Military System of PakistanNazir Ahmad ZafarProfessor Syed Abdul Basit1983
1Afghanistan: Origin of the Crisis and Its ImplicationsAtta GulProfessor Syed Abdul Basit1982