M.Sc – Courses

M.Sc – Courses

Compulsory Courses | Area Studies | Conflict Studies | Military Science & Arts


DS – 320 Information Warfare

Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence (C3I), perspective of national security-defensive aspects (Strategic Information Warfare), global information infrastructure, evolution of cyberspace technology, dependence for military and other institutions on US, technological evolution is changing the face of war, microcomputers, consequences of information Age technology and International Law.

DS – 321 Unconventional Warfare

Differing revolutionary and unconventional warfare theories, dynamics and forces of revolutionary and unconventional warfare. Revolutionary change and the third world, role of peasants, main theories and strategies, COIN, guerrilla warfare, urban and rural guerrilla warfare, case studies.

DS – 322 Security Policy Analysis of Great Powers

A comparative analysis of strategic / defence doctrines and policies. Military industrial complexes, conceptual framework of power structure, medium and great powers, economic powers, Germany, japan, Great Britain, and new world order.

DS – 323 Economics of Defence

Definition and conceptual framework, theories of arms control and disarmament, arms control and disarmament as an approach to international peace and security. Arms race and its consequences; nuclear proliferation, major treaties, agreements in the field of arms control and disarmament, force reduction in Europe, technical issues in arms control and disarmament, current issues in the field.

DS – 324 Nuclear Proliferation

Nature of nuclear proliferation, technical and political aspects, vertical and horizontal proliferation, perspectives on nuclear proliferation, national experiences in nuclear proliferation, what are nuclear weapon, threshold and non-nuclear weapons states, nuclear non-proliferation regime, regional nuclear proliferation, case studies, South Asia, disintegration of Soviet Union, and proliferation issues.

DS – 325 Crisis Management

Crisis management as a field of study, conceptualization, typology of crisis actors and international crises, characteristics, crisis behavior and decision making, crisis bargaining, prevention, containment, and termination process, case studies.

DS – 326 War and Strategy in Islam

Historical perspective, the Grand Devine Design, Prophet-hood, creation of Islamic state, permission of war, concept and theories, Jihad, Ummah, strategy, causes and objects of War, Ethics, Conduct, case Studies, Comparative analysis of Islamic and Modern military thoughts.

DS – 327 Use of Force & International Law

Introduction to international law, hostilities, conflicts and intervention. Land, air and sea warfare and law on weapons. Geneva convention on prisoners of war, recent conventions on chemical, nuclear, biological weapons, 9/11 and redefinition of international law, conduct of war and detainee status. Laws of war, conflict resolution in international law.

DS – 348 Resource Conflicts
DS – 350 Post Conflict Studies
DS – 351 Nuclear Safety and Security