M.Sc – Courses

M.Sc – Courses

Compulsory Courses | Area Studies | Conflict Studies | Military Science & Arts

DS – 328 International Political Economy

Approaches to the study of international political economy, emergence of economic society, market economy, international finance market, international trade, international labor market, multilateral management, issues in international political economy.

DS – 329 Military Sociology

Nature and scope of the discipline, military systems, military as a sub-system of society, militarism, civil military relations, military participation ratio, military in politics (developed and developing states), military as an agent of social and economic change.

DS – 330 Military Geography

Various schools of thought on military geography, geographical factors and defence potential, geopolitics, principles of strategic geography, concepts of Mackinder, Mahan and Spykman, geography of land, sea and air warfare, logistics of war, military regions.

DS – 331 Technology and Warfare on Land, Sea and Air

Changing concepts of war in the 20th century, organization of military, warfare on land, principles of tactics, land operations, arms and services, warfare in air, evolution, fundamentals of air operations, roles, capabilities of a regional power, warfare in sea, sea power and strategy, elements of sea power, tools of sea power, function of navy; case studies.

DS – 333 Psychological Warfare

Evolution and development of psychological warfare, theories of psy warfare, instruments and techniques of psy warfare, group behavior and attitudes, technique analysis and counter propaganda, role of mass media in psy warfare, electronic and print media.

DS – 334 Geopolitics and Security
DS – 335 Operational Research & System Analysis

Objectives, aspects of formulation criteria, pattern and organization, war gaming. Techniques used for the management of information, formulation of policy and building mathematic models for decision making.

DS – 336 Miltary Intelligence

Concept of intelligence, role of intelligence in formulation of national strategy, internal and external dimensions and its importance, intelligence procedures and modus operandi, mil. Intel in Cold and Post-cold war perspective, the intelligence machinery, intelligence and destabilization, case studies.

DS – 337 Conflict Analysis: Transformation and Resolution

The course overviews the interdisciplinary field of conflict analysis and resolution in terms of theory, research and practice. The analysis of conflict includes consideration of underlying courses and dynamics leading to manifest expression and escalation and the strategic choices made by adversaries. The resolution of conflict considers the intractability of intense conflict, especially of an ethno political nature and method of prevention, negotiation and third party intervention that can support accommodation, de-escalation settlement and transformation.

DS – 338 Politics of Contemporary Europe

Decline and Rise of Europe-History and theory. Europe after the World War II. Emergence and consolidation of European Union. Issues and Challenges facing the EU. Europe.s changing role in the regional and global politics. Trans-Atlantic relations, Asia and developing world. Strategic implications of .New Europe., its expansion and assertiveness.

DS – 339 Politics of International Terrorism

The impact of terrorism on international relations, national security planning and responses to the international security challenges. Types of terrorism, theoretical tools and analytical perspectives for understanding the phenomenon of terrorism, International Law, International Security, issues of International Peace and Security, International legal institutions. Multidisciplinary approach to the rapidly changing field of International Peace and Security, as well as the transformation of war to terrorism and other forms of political violence.

DS – 340 Media, Information Technology & Security Policy

The classification of information assets, its control through management policy, information security (non-disclosure agreement), Media handling and security, operational procedures to reduce the risk the risk of damage to information assets, electronic communication and its security, information technology, policies, information access, information base, information storage, information destruction and potentially applicable laws.

DS – 341 Terrorism: Regional Perspective

Definition of terrorism at domestic and global level and its relationship with culture, religion, history, politics, economics and ideology. The dynamics of terrorism and law enforcement, the reasons behind national and global terrorism, global discriminatory policies, terrorism in South Asia and the counter terrorism policies.

DS – 342 Gender and Security

Widened Security concept, concept of Human security, women and gender, the security of women addressed through social security and categories of security. The dynamics of the relationship of economic security with social security and its impact on the gender.

DS – 343 Social Development and Security

Human security, its relationship with development, Economic Security, Food Security, Health Security, Environmental Security, personal security (protection from physical violence), Community Security, Protection from Sectarian and Ethnic Violence, Political Security, Freedom from Fear and Want and Economic Development and contribution to security, Case Studies of variety of countries, Chile, China, India, Korea, Norway, Singapore, South Africa and United States.

DS – 345 Climate Change and Security
DS – 346 Human Rights and Security
DS – 347 Defence and Development
DS – 349 Military in Politics
DS – 352 Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism