Interactive Session on “Studying Conflict Research Methodologies”

Interactive Session on “Studying Conflict Research Methodologies”

Interactive Session on Studying Conflict Research Methodologies
Dr Asif Iqbal Dawar, who carries an impressive academic and research background with experience in challenging Research Methodologies, visited Department of Defense and Strategic Studies, QAU on 15 June 2022.
He delivered a lecture to M.Phil students on his area of expertise, i.e. Conflict Research Methodology. He described four components of research design in qualitative research, being, purpose of research, philosophical consideration of research methodology, data collection tools, and analysis and writing. He said that these components need to work harmoniously for an effective research design.
He also educated the students on types of interview types, for example structured, semi-structured and non-structured interviews. He focused on the challenges and ethics of Elite Interview and Focus group discussion. He threw light on the advantages and drawbacks of focus group discussion. Most interesting and enlightening part of his lecture was the challenges and methods to do research in the conflict zones, he shared his personal experiences and locally modified methodologies which he used during his research in North Waziristan. the session was moderated by Dr Saira Aquil and finished with an engaging Q/A session.
Brief Contributed by Ms. Ambreen Liaquat MPhil DSS Sem. 01