Distinguished Speakers’ Series “Understanding The Nexus between Theory & Research”

Distinguished Speakers’ Series “Understanding The Nexus between Theory & Research”

An Interactive Session with Ms. Sadia Tasleem by Ms. Nayab Zahra Akbar On Friday, 17 June, 2022, the DSS Students Society as part of its semester activities, arranged an academic activity and hosted a session in which their respected alumna and faculty member, Ms. Sadia Tasleem , spoke as a guest speaker. Madam Sadia has been a DSS alumna, earning MSc & MPhil degree from the DSS department, and is now a PhD Scholar at the University of British Columbia, Canada.
The topic of the session was “Understanding the Nexus between Theory and Research”. The speaker shed light on the purpose of doing research, knowledge related to social construction and the usage of theories while doing research. The speaker also emphasized on the importance of mid level theories like feminism, post-structuralism and positivism, along with the traditional/hegemonic theories like realism and liberalism and how these theories had worked in questioning or deconstructing the status-quo.
The speaker very eloquently took into account the relation between social realities and social theories and how this relationship has flopped by the course of time. Understanding the role of intellectual traditions in shaping up the social realities was also on the agenda of the session. The process of opting a topic to do research on and the process of finding literature for that matter was also elaborated by Ms. Tasleem. The session was open for all the batches of the department but was mandatory for the research fellows of M-Phil 1st & 2nd as it is of great importance for them in doing quality research. The Q/A session towards the end of the session had proven to be one of its kind in answering the queries of the students and in solving confusions students had related to research.
Write up Contributed by Ms. Nayab Zahra Akbar MPhil DSS Sem 01