Distinguished Speakers’ Series “Role of Media in National Political Chaos”

Distinguished Speakers’ Series “Role of Media in National Political Chaos”

In line with Department’s Distinguished Lecture Series, in which prominent scholars, practitioners and thought leaders are invited to share their experiences with students, renowned journalist, broadcaster & author Mr. Aamir Ghauri shed light on an issue of significance in domestic political spheres, Role of Media in National Political Chaos. This session was moderated by Dr Naveed Qaiser and attended by MPhil fellows
The speaker after shedding light on the history of media, also examined the exisiting three streams of media, print, electronic and digital as to how each has impacted thought generation. He linked the notion of national political chaos with organisational, sociological and economic roots. Moreoverfreedom of expression on the basis of political and constitutional rights was discussed with a constructive principles-oriented approach to enhance role of media in our chaotic society. Discussion on the role of regulatory authorities, perceptions of societal norms and diminished public interests also took place. Furthermore, role of media on direct tax collection was discussed with problem solving approach.
Furthermore, the speaker highlighted the role of digital media and chaos driven by it. Emphasizing on the need for subject specialists to work on specific issues, as well as the need for professionalism in media persons who lack wisdom and knowledge on issues. Lastly, He also highlighted media’s role in societal transformation. The session concluded over an engaging questions and answers.
Write up contributed by Khalique Ahmed (MPhil Sem 02)